Jan Ebeling / Olympian / Dressage Trainer

The Acres


Our dressage arena is a state of the art design with hand selected apex sand which has been blended with light footing additive (NIKE). The arena has been engineered for optimum drainage so that we have minimal drying time after a rain. Special attention is given to the arena daily. The arena is watered and groomed to provide safe footing and a dust free environment for our riders and horses. The arena is fully lit at night and music helps create a serene setting for training.

The horses have the option of using the Euro exercise machine daily, on the weekends, or during in climate weather.  In addition, this covered building has a full size lunging circle with excellent footing for use.


The facility has 40 stalls with most of the stalls opening onto individual paddocks. All stalls are equipped with rubber mats. The barn is kept in a very clean, organized manner from the tack, to supplies, to feed. The horses are fed three times a day with alfalfa, oat hay or timothy hay. An experienced staff cares for the horses; services also include full grooming, turnout, exercising programs, specialized feeding, etc.


The Acres provides pasture turnout for horses stabled on the premises. Our irrigated grass and clover mixed pastures range in size from approximately 1 to 2 acres. We feel that integrating this turnout time into our dressage program is a natural way for the horses to graze and relax.


The Acres borders on Happy Camp Park which is part of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy just outside of Los Angeles. This park provides endless hours of peaceful trail riding through enchanted forests. We believe trail riding is an important component of our dressage program for its cross training benefits.


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