Kim Gentry

As a professional bit fitter I’m lucky to have the opportunity to work behind the scenes with many top international riders and trainers throughout the year and especially during the winter season in Wellington. I met Jan through a bit fitting session in Wellington and was able to watch him work with several riders. I had been searching for the right trainer to work with who could help me rebuild my horse’s confidence (mine too after a bad fall!)and further develop his Grand Prix career.

Jan and I work together in Wellington and remotely during the rest of the year typically several times a week. His patient, consistent and systematic approach has given me a much more relaxed and willing Grand Prix partner who is stronger and more expressive in his work. Jan and I now work together with 4 horses from a youngster up to Grand Prix and all of them have made wonderful progress.

Jan lays a very correct and solid foundation in the work beginning right away in the warm up in a way that is fair to the horses, effective, yet low stress for all involved. The horses come out to work each day consistently more relaxed, supple, in front of the leg and happy in their work. Same is true for the rider!

Jan is a very effective and positive communicator when he teaches. He is able to coach a rider literally through every single step as if he is the one riding. As effective as his training is, it is all done in a way that keeps a rider calm, in their “comfort” zone and therefore still in a place where they are learning.

Yes, he has the patience of a saint! We’ve had many Pixem and WiFi challenges and Jan is always patient until we get the technology working again.
I can’t thank Jan enough for his level of professionalism and skilled training. We are benefiting so much from his help and I’m looking forward to making further progress with my boys!

~ Kim Gentry