Regina Sacha-Ujczo

I first met Jan Ebeling in Michigan at a clinic he was conducting almost two decades ago. Since then, Jan has become a major “influencer” of my riding journey. Although residing in Ohio, I have participated regularly in numerous Jan clinics since he generously travels the Country to deliver his coaching talent to those who do not live in California or Florida.

After I purchased a wonderful horse from Jan named Foenix, I took a sabbatical from work and studied with him in California at The Acres. My riding skills flourished under Jan’s tutelage and with the assistance of my local trainer, Janeen Grava, attained a Regional Reserve Championship. My pursuit of Grand Prix riding skills led me to spend two winters in Wellington, Florida to receive daily instruction at his Florida farm, Tiera Contenta which culminated in showing at Global.

Over the years I have taken every opportunity to ride with or watch Jan ride. I drove to NYC to cry at the touching retirement ceremony for his Olympic Mare Rafalca and attended numerous FEI World Cup events to watch Jan perform and/or compete. He even rode my Grand Prix Gelding Don Diesel for a Dressage Demonstration in Columbus, OH at Equine Affaire. My riding aspirations and experience and horses have changed over the years but Jan’s commitment to this middle-aged Amateur Rider remains unwavering. He has the ability to coach students to a personal best with individualized plans and respect for differing talents and goals.

He is a gifted natural rider and trainer, and as a coach, is able to easily communicate the fundamental of classical dressage to build more complicated dressage movements. He stresses rhythm, relaxation, suppleness, up-beat tempo, straightness, adhesive seat, proper connection, etc. all to ensure that the horse and rider combination is in balance and harmony. Team “Ebeling” is enriched by the superior management skills of his wife Amy and is complemented by his talented adult son Ben.

The Ebelings connect people and horses to excellence and join people together as well. Through the years I have forged cherished and lasting friendships. As a member of the “Ebeling” extended equestrian family I enjoy not only superior riding instruction but also a strong sense of community, comfortability and belonging. Truly it is a family affair!

~ Regina Sacha-Ujczo