Victoria Nodiff – Testimonial

Victoria NodiffSince 1991 Jan has been pivotal in my development as a successful amateur rider. His teaching style and skills, coupled with the support system his wife, Amy, and The Acres (their ranch) provides is truly unique in the dressage world (or any training facility I know). With his almost zen-like patience, focus and understanding.

Jan has been a trusted mentor, demanding teacher and valued friend both inside and outside of competition. His obvious excitement and joy at my victories has demonstrated the depth of Jan’s commitment and involvement in my career (and I know he makes all his students feel just as special!). Not least, his assistance in purchasing the perfect horse (for me!) in Europe, and working with us both to cement the necessary bond for success has been both inspiring and fulfilling. Although I promised to keep this short, I’d like to finish with a personal “thank you” to Jan and Amy for helping me live my dream every-time I ride in competition. Thank you!